Alice: Madness Returns Game Review

Alice: Madness Returns was originally released in 2011 for PS3 Imageand is an action-adventure video game which acts as a sequel to American McGees Alice. Original releases came with a code allowing players to download a free updated copy of the first game.

Graphics: Probably my favourite thing about these games is the macabre yet absolutely stunning visuals. A mixture of 2D and 3D scenes with a creepy gothic twist, the graphics are definitely a big selling point of this game for me!

Music: I actually found the music to be quite a letdown. While eerie at times it is mostly just background noise that does it’s job but doesn’t add anything to the game.

Cinematics: The cut-scenes were the part I looked forward to most while playing the game (I find this in most games) however, some were badly written and felt a bit pointless. Nevertheless, the visuals usually make up for this.

Story: At first I found the story difficult to get in to as it feels a bit erratic (which should probably be expected given the basis of the game) but after a while playing I found I got used to the style of storytelling and began to quite like it. The story itself I think could have had more depth and the characters could have been developed a lot more.

Controls: I found the controls easy to use and adapted very quickly to them.

Gameplay: Overall, I found the game-play was pleasing if not slightly bizarre which I think suits this type of game given it’s subject matter.

There is a definite feel of feminity which runs throughout the game, which may put some male players off (for example, Alice bursting into butterflies when she dies). Overall, I enjoyed this game but definitely don’t think it would appeal to everyone.

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This post contains my personal opinions and views on the game. I am in no way a gaming expert, just a girl who enjoys her games!

What’s my Skin Tone: Cool or Warm?

Your skin’s undertone is the warm, cool, or neutral hue that shows through the skin. Although the surface color of the skin changes depending on sun exposure and other skin conditions (such as acne) the skin’s undertone remains consistent. Knowing your skin tone is essential when choosing make-up such as foundation or powder, if you get it wrong your make-up will not look natural. Here are some tips in discovering yours:

  • Tan: If you tan easily and do not burn, you most likely have a warm undertone (yellow/olive colour). However, some African-American women with deep ebony skin tones may actually have a cool undertone (blue/red/pink colour) that espresso-type shades match perfectly. Those who burn or don’t tan at all have cool undertones which may have obvious signs of redness or flush easily.
  • The Shortcut Test: Look at the color of your veins. If your veins appear blue/purple you have cool undertones and if your veins appear green you have warm undertones. Those with neutral undertones will have difficulty discerning the blue/green.
  • The Jewellery Test*: Another common “test”, this one involves working out whether you suit gold or silver jewellery better. Gold means warm undertones and silver means cool undertones.
  • Get a Facial! The perfect reason to treat yourself, a trained skin therapist or dermatologist will be able to identify you skin tone for you. Your therapist should always do this during your consultation anyway, so just ask!

*personally, I don’t think this is a very reliable way of telling your skin tone as you may suit gold but prefer silver or vice versa.

What’s your skin tone? Let me know in the comments below!