Waxing: FAQs

There are several types of hair removal I have tried (shaving, waxing, epilation, tweezing to name a few) but I will always come back to waxing! Here I answer some of the most common questions I have came across from both clients and friends:

How short or long should my hair be for waxing?

The hair should be at least 1/4inch to 1/2inch long for best results. It is better for the hair to be slightly longer if you are unsure as if the hair is too short you may be asked to come back later by your therapist. It may take up to three waxing treatments to achieve smooth skin due to the fact that hair grows in stages and all of your hair is never at the same stage. It is very important to avoid shaving between waxing appointments, as this will interrupt the process and stimulate the hair growth again.

How often should I have my waxing done?

Your therapist should explain this after your treatment but, roughly every 4-6 weeks. Regular waxing is essential if you want to get all the benefits. The skin will be less sensitive and hair growth may lessen in certain areas with regular waxing.

What preparation should I take before getting waxing done?

  • Avoid taking a shower or bath immediately before the treatment. Soaking the hair will soften it, allowing it to break more easily and making waxing less effective.
  • Make sure the hair is the appropriate length for waxing.
  • Make sure that the area to be waxed is clean.
  • There are certain medications and products that should not be taken or used if you plan to have a waxing treatment soon. Topical exfoliants used on the area to be waxed such as Retin-A, Renova, and hydroquinone, oral acne medications such as Accutane, blood-thinning medications, and topical/oral cortisone make the skin more sensitive and increase the likelihood of irritation or other complications. Please check with your doctor if you are unsure whether you should be waxed while on or using a medication.

I’ve never had waxing done before, what should I expect?!

Hair-less skin! Everyone’s skin reacts differently to waxing treatments, but you can expect to have temporary redness and minor irritation for a day or two. Slight itchiness may be experienced as the hair grows out. Applying an antiseptic cream to the area and wearing loose fitting clothes may help these symptoms.

Will I get ingrown hairs?

It’s possible. Waxing removes the entire hair, root and all, from the follicle. Your skin naturally hardens and thickens over the area that was waxed so it is important to keep that area gently exfoliated to avoid this.

What are the advantages of waxing?

Waxing reduces hair growth when performed regularly. While shaving crops the hair at the skin’s surface, waxing pulls it out by the root, so it grows back softer, finer, and thinner, over a longer period of time. Waxing is great for those who are tired of the hassle of shaving several times per week. The more you wax, the less hair grows back.
Can I shave between waxing treatments?
No. It will disrupt the hair growth cycle and result in more hair growth at your next appointment.
Will waxing make my hair grow back thicker/stronger?
No. Unlike shaving, waxing removes the whole hair follicle and bulb, resulting in the hair appearing lighter and thinner. The only things known to stimulate hair growth are hormones: natural or artificial.
What should I wear when getting a bikini wax?
You can wear your own underwear or most salons will provide you with disposable underwear too if you would prefer.
Is there an age limit for certain types of waxing?
Most salons will wax client’s of any age but may require a parent to be present if you are under 18.
Will it hurt?
Everyone is different (for example, I find my legs painless but underarms quite sore) but there is an element of discomfort during most waxing. The best thing to do is go to someone/somewhere you trust and just go for it! Any pain should only last a few seconds and I promise, it does get easier!
If you have any other questions about waxing or hair removal leave them in the comments and don’t forget to follow!

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